Behind the Scenes

Making the most of Amsterdam night shooting

Night Shooting

The film was shot in three nights (including re-shoots) in and near Amsterdam. The main driving shots where filmed in a loop around Sloterdijk Station. The cafe location was in Oostzaan and the pick up and dropoff scenes at the beginning of the film where both in Amsterdam North. The final scene was shot near the Rembrandtpark.

Shooting on the back of a lowloader was an amazing experience! The real movement, bumps and the sound of the engine all added to the authenticity of the scene for the actors. the lighting on the actors in the car constantly changed due to streetlights, traffic lights and passing vehicles. To add to that effect Luuk had created a key light of animated Atera tubes which he manually speed matched to the speed of the car. That way the actors where continuously lit, but not with an unmoving key. The decision to use a car with a panorama roof really helped us out. that way there was also light reaching into the back seat to light Ayrton. We used Zeiss superspeed lenses which made the most of the amazing bokeh of the highlights in the background.

All of this, combined with the rain (crop sprayer operated by Alex!), created an immerive look to the film.

It was cold though…

BTS Foto’s

All BTS photography by Bartjong

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